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Safely transporting bulk materials of all types from point A to point B

Stressing over huge volumes of specialty cargo? Alpha Petroleum Transport, Inc. II dba Alpha Environmental Engineering & Construction is your dependable transport services contractor, offering a full suite of logistics that facilitate shipping bulk liquids such as fuel, consumer and industrial chemicals, hazardous materials, and more.

Expertise and Experience


Commitment to Safety and Compliance

Truth be told, finding reliable bulk carriers, let alone a consolidated bulk logistics provider, can be a challenge. You may have to wait more than a week to find a carrier to haul your freight. Several factors contribute to this scenario: some of them are driver shortage and high demand. But no need to worry, we have got you covered. We don’t only work with our own fleet; we also maintain a long-standing relationship with other carriers specializing in liquid bulk transport to ensure you get the most optimal transit times. This also means saving you from dealing with different carriers on your own because we will take care of everything for you.

Let’s collaborate

Our bulk and tanker shipping experts will work with you to improve efficiency while containing costs. Alpha Petroleum Transport, Inc. II is the expert on safe and responsible transportation of bulk liquids and dangerous chemicals, using seasoned and religiously monitored carriers. Since 2000, our company has successfully served our continuously growing customers who benefit from our innovative technologies in streamlining processes that mitigate risks and reduce delivery times.

With the help of advanced equipment and a sizable fleet of tankers, we can haul your liquid and dry bulk cargo across the US safely and securely.

We have the bulk carriers you need

Chemical companies like you may deal with specialty materials on a daily basis, consisting of liquid commodities like crude oil, paints, solvents, additives, brine water, or Haz waste materials that are toxic, corrosive, reactive, or flammable. At APT II / AEEC, we have built a system that facilitates communication to ensure your freight moves how and when it needs to. Our long experience with ground transport like short trucks, tankers, drums, van trucks, and roll-offs extends to bulk shipping of heated liquids by providing in-transit heating.

With APT, you are in expert hands

  • save precious time and money with fast and error-free deliveries through access to our ever-growing fleet of bulk carriers
  • get the best possible rates with quick freight estimates while maintaining efficiency
  • well-versed freight specialists who are updated with transport rules and regulations
  • trustworthy and responsible drivers who handle their shipments with extra care and importance
  • use our expertise to achieve the most optimal solutions for your bulk cargo management

As the best logistics provider in the country, we lead the industry in timely freight deliveries and stellar customer service, earning the valuable trust of our countless clients, big and small.

We move your business using tailored solutions at maximized capacity

Given our vast network in California, Texas, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, Washington, Oregon, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Illinois and excellent delivery performance, Alpha Petroleum Transport, Inc. II offers a wide range of scalable freight services at very reasonable rates to ensure we meet your needs and requirements without adding debilitating costs. It doesn’t even matter what season it is; we always have the most optimal solutions for you. We have the finest freight experts and a highly dependable customer support team that focuses on serving you from start to finish.

Speaking of our personnel, you can be confident that our seasoned professionals will always value your time and money. We execute load tendering, dispatching, and invoicing like clockwork, achieving expeditious transit times while securing you the best rates available. These proven cost-saving methods allow our clients and other business units within the supply chain to scale their truckloads.

Why choose us?

There is a compelling reason why we have been in the truckload shipping industry for more than 50+ Years. When you nominate your shipments to Alpha Petroleum Transport, Inc. II dba Alpha Environmental Engineering & Construction, we do everything possible for you to have a smooth and headache-free delivery experience beginning from pickup to drop-off. Time is money. That’s why we value every shipment we transport and exert all efforts to get them to your location at the earliest. After all, you’re not just counting on us to deliver material things; you are entrusting us with your business. At Alpha Petroleum Transport, Inc. II, we are rooting for your success by doing our job the best way we know how, bringing your goods intact to your designated location quickly, safely, and cheaply.

We use analytics and technology to our full advantage, granting us to operate efficiently and provide the best value. While we see to it that we deliver our promise, we also emphasize bringing down costs without compromising quality. With our integrated APT II/ AEEC Live Track, you have full visibility of your shipments throughout their journey. Real-time cargo management enables us to track all processes involved from the point of origin to the destination, ensuring supply chain efficiency.


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